I am concerned about the move many members of the church are making away from the scriptures. I know many of you who read this are, too. You become part of a fellowship precisely because they search the scriptures for their practice and teaching, and find the very earth shift beneath your feet. Paradigm changes? New hermeneutics? We thought we had left that when we left the denominations!
And those of us who are dismayed at the sight of drift in our institutions are faced with a dilemma. Do we speak out? We desire peace and love amongst the brethren. We are aware of shrill and angry sounds coming from extreme right wing sources and feel a little uncomfortable, not so much at the message, but at the tone and unkindness in which it is given.
So we are tempted to be silent while churches change. It makes me think of Winston Churchill’s statement that “appeasement is the philosophy where we hope the crocodile eats us last.”
I am counseling neither bitter denunciations of brethren nor an obsession with negative preaching. We need to preach the “whole counsel of God.” We watch in dismay as whole congregations surrender to that which is popular rather than that which is Biblical. We observe in fear as Christian colleges to whom we owe a great deal slip away from the truth. I say this not in anger but with a broken heart!
But I also say it with the knowledge that eventually, if we do not stand up for truth, the crocodile will turn on us, too.
“Son of man,” the prophet declared, “I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning for me” (Ezekiel 3:17).

3 Replies to “Appeasement”

  1. This is well-worded, and effectively points out the frustration of those who want to help stem the tide but are afraid that we don’t have the facts straight. If only those who are drifting from the firm foundation could warn us of the fact, we would not have to depend on the shrill warning sirens that come from the well-intentioned but harsh lookouts who tell us what to think about everyone else.
    We need to protect the brethren from the influence of the drifters, while refusing to join those who destroy the wheat as they pull up the tares. May God give us wisdom as to how to do this.

  2. I wholly agree with your article and am also saddened to hear of the division in the Lord’s church on things that are Biblical. You might not believe the looks I get when I stand up for some Biblical views and ask questions of others about certain Biblical teachings that they are off the mark on. I would REALLY like to know what to do. I know God is always in control and I am praying. Maybe that and the fact that I try to voice things as they need to be will help.

  3. I believe the verse cited at the conclusion of this article provides us with an answer on how to stand up for truth. We must “hear” Gods’ words, through the Bible, then “speak”. No one can hear us unless we speak.
    As for the crocodile that may turn on us I think we need to put up gaurd rails of faith at the top of the cliff. Gaurd rails that renforce the power and fullness of the truth. That way we can fall back on those gaurdrails instead of being hauled off in an ambulence at the bottom of the cliff.

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