A Different Kind of Lectureship

People came from Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas. I traveled from Brazil specifically for the event.
Besides the common faith they share, the participants had something else in common: though most had never met before, they are friends who study, pray, and share together in the forum of Preachers Files, an Internet site dedicated to building up the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.
They gathered July 28-30 for the Berryville, Ark., church building, at the invitation of that congregation’s eldership./1 Berryville preacher Kevin Cauley is friend and associate of the originator of the Preachers Files site, G. E. “Eddie” Watkins.
Eddie gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at the growth and development of the site. He has studied the Internet and steered the site to greater visibility, from its beginning with few visits to thousands of daily hits. With a growing number of collaborators, content has also multiplied, with sermon outlines, Bible studies and lessons, audio sermons, and blogs by faithful brothers.
Preachers Files has thus become one of the church’s premiere sites for evangelism, edification, study, fellowship, and biblical resources.
I do not know if this lecture series, spawned by a website, is a first in the brotherhood. I do know it was a unique moment which the participants insisted on repeating next year.
So join us on the forum, find new friends, and prepare to come, Lord permitting, to the Second Annual Preachers Files Lectures in 2007.
1/ Forthright Magazine is grateful to the Berryville elders for providing the space for our site.

This gathering had it all: sermons and Bible lessons, fellowship, singing, prayers — and food!

2 Replies to “A Different Kind of Lectureship”

  1. To answer the unknown: “I do not know if this lecture series, spawned by a website, is a first in the brotherhood.”
    This would not be the first in the brotherhood. I know of many.

  2. I’d be interested in hearing about other lectureships that began like this one, i.e., from a website. Now, I know of some lectureships that have a website, but that’s not the same thing.

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