“Then they asked Jesus to leave their region” (Mark 5:17 NET).
Artists often present pictures of Jesus as an effeminate and delicate person. Nothing that would frighten anyone.
But in the region of the Gerasenes, Jesus restores a wild man possessed by a legion of demons. “No one was strong enough to subdue him” (verse 4). But Jesus puts him right. And the Lord is indirectly responsible for the death of two thousand pigs when he permits the demons to leave the man and enter the animals.
Frightened, the people of the region ask Jesus to leave their area. Jesus’ activity scared them, even though it was for good. Maybe he even hit their pocketbook by the loss of the pigs.
When Jesus enters our life, he makes a mess. To bring order and peace, he must tear down walls, rip up flooring, sweep away trash. To restore a building, workers must raise a cloud of dust tearing out what cannot stay. To restore a life requires no less.
But some won’t accept Jesus tinkering in their life. They ask him kindly to leave — and leave them alone. They prefer the status quo, the tilt of the unbalanced life, the dips of a sunken foundation, the faded wallpaper of waning hopes.
What do you want Jesus to do today, leave you in “peace” or stay to clean up your life?

When Jesus enters our life, he makes a mess.

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