by Shan Jackson
Pretend for a moment that you are a fish. You’re just swimming around enjoying life. You’re not bothering anybody and nobody’s bothering you. The water is clean and cool and you’re having a grand time.
Then you notice a tasty looking shrimp floating just below the surface. You love shrimp. In fact, it’s your favorite meal. You realize that you’re getting pretty hungry, so you make a mad dash at that shrimp, and you gobble him up before he knows what hit him.
But in your excitement, you failed to notice that sticking out of that shrimp’s back is a fisherman’s hook. Maybe you’ve never even seen a fisherman’s hook before. Maybe some of your fellow fish had tried to warn you about a fisherman’s hook, but you never listened to them. Well, pretty soon you are the fisherman’s lunch ?- not exactly what you had planned!
Friends and brethren, false teaching is much like that story. The Bible says that with feigned words false teaching can make merchandise of us (2 Peter 2:3). It can rock us to sleep. It can confuse and bewilder us. And then, like a hungry fish, it can get us, hook, line, and sinker. Remember, only God is our refuge and strength. May we always swim with him.
Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol 49, page 25.

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