Sin Remedies

Sin is a transgression of the law (1 John 3:4). Sin is neglecting to do God’s will (James 4:7). Sin brings guilt for our conscience and damnation for our soul.
Many remedies are used to ease the pain of guilt and calm the fear of judgment.
Some try to ignore it. They try to hide the evidence and put it out of their mind. But God knows.
Some try to deny the sin. They lie about it. They think if they can convince others that they are not guilty, God will also be deceived. But you cannot fool God.
Some try to redefine sin to make it a mere mistake or a cultural taboo. But God’s will cannot be changed to conform to the times.
Some try to excuse sin. They feel that what they did was caused by other people or a bad environment. God does not accept excuses.
Some think that grace will cover their sins without their repentance. They think, “God is so gracious he will overlook my sin.” Such is a perversion of grace. God is both gracious in his goodness, but also severe in his judgment.
There is only one remedy for sin — the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. He bore our sins in his own body. The only way for this sacrifice to be effective in covering my sins is by repenting and doing the Lord’s will. This alone removes our sins from the mind of God and lifts the guilt from our convicted soul.

Sin is a transgression of the law.

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  1. To be saved, all that is required is for us to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Can you provide scripture references, in context, that supports your statement “repenting and doing the Lord’s will is what alone removes our sins from the mind of God and lifts the guilt from our convicted soul.”

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