From Entertaining Fiction to Accepted Reality

In the 1960s Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson wrote “The Starchild Trilogy,” three connected works of science fiction which presented a sentient universe and stars and planets that were alive.
Today, people believe the earth is Gaia, a living entity. God is a laughable “concept,” but people talk with a straight face of an aware universe and of extraterrestrials being responsible for “seeding” the earth with intelligent life. Anything to get away from the Creator.
Satan uses fiction and fantasy, first to entertain, then to convince. Fiction becomes accepted reality, the worldview of a generation. Entertainment turns into faith.
Just as we went from the comedy television series “Bewitched,” some 30 years ago, to a more believable Harry Potter today and adoption of religions like Wicca — what people laughed at a generation ago becomes a serious belief today.
Often, it doesn’t require a generation. So works like “The Da Vinci Code,” supposedly offered as pure fiction, quickly fill with a voice and a reason people’s rebellion at doing the will of God.
Today, we laugh at the old-world belief of a flat earth and the fear of sailing over the edge. Future generations, if the Creator permits the universe to remain, will no doubt consider today’s beliefs as the silly fictions in which they were first garbed.
If they don’t, certainly God already does.

Satan uses fiction and fantasy, first to entertain, then to convince.

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