"Something Must Be Done!"

“Therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin” (James 4:17).
It fascinates me to hear church members cry out indignantly: “Why doesn’t the church do something about (the education program, the church’s unfriendliness, the church’s failure to visit members who are falling away etc.).”
“Something must be done!” they seem to cry.
A member who has reneged on all that’s important in life declares: “I missed two Sundays, and nobody from that church looked me up!”
Well, I admit the church sometimes fails to do what it should. Often it’s a case, not of the church in action, but the church’s inaction!
So if a church becomes more friendly, or provides more programs, or becomes more responsive to the needs of others, how does this happen? May I suggest that one of the members who is so adept at noticing the church’s failings will have to stop pointing fingers and fulfill what the church needs?
If you’re applying for the job of church critic, I’m sorry, the job has been filled. But there are plenty of other positions still vacant. Does the church not give enough into the offering? Then give more! Does the church need more teachers for the kindergartners? Then volunteer to teach! Does the church need more visitation? Then visit!
Let’s begin to replace the phrase “Something must be done” with “I must do something!”

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  1. We need to be challeneged and then be willing to accept the challenge when it is presented. Wonderful short article.

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