Andrew could not keep the excitement to himself, so he first found his brother Peter and said, “We have found the Messiah!” Andrew brought his brother Peter to Jesus (John 1:38-42). At Jesus’ invitation Andrew came and saw.
Jesus asked Philip to “Follow Me.” Philip did, but he found Nathanael and shared his excitement about Jesus of Nazareth. When Nathanael asked, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?”, Philip simply said, “Come and see.” Someone may throw cold water on your invitation, but simply encourage that person to find out for himself.
Jesus talked to a woman at the well about her life. She perceived that he was a prophet and left her pot to tell everyone in town about Jesus. A large crowd came out to hear what he had to say.
When Peter came to Cornelius’ house, he found that Cornelius had assembled many people (Acts 10:27).
When Paul kept the jailer from killing himself, the jailer was ready to hear the truth. But the jailer was not alone. Though it was midnight, his whole household heard Paul preach the wonderful gospel. Believing what Paul preached, the jailer and his whole household were baptized (Acts 10:25-34).
How contagious are you with your faith? Will people catch your zeal and excitement about the Lord Jesus? How will your faith affect those around you? Does the salt and light in you make a difference to anyone around you (Matthew 5:13-16)?
Does anyone know you are a Christian?
Does your life proclaim that the Lord matters to you?
Does anyone want the Christian life you have?
Do you have a light people need?

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