Tell Me the Story of Jesus

“Tell me the story of Jesus,
Write on my heart ev’ry word;
Tell me the story most precious,
Sweetest that ever was heard.”
At one time nearly everyone in America had an opportunity to have some spiritual training. Most folks went to church. Today the fastest growing religious group in America is “no religion.” More than 30 million adults now say they have no religious affiliation of any kind. Many millions of children are growing up without the benefit of any spiritual training at all. According to researcher George Barna, seven out of ten Americans adults (71%) had a period of time during their childhood when they regularly attended a church. Many, however, have never gone; and even more have stopped going anywhere.
There are more than 50 million children under the age of 18 in the United States. If only 45 percent of Americans attend church on a typical weekend, then the rest attend only sporadically or not at all. We must wonder how many people today have never really heard the story of Jesus. You might not realize it, but America is now the third largest mission field in the world.
There are today more churches of Christ in Sub-Sahara Africa, and perhaps in India as well, than in the United States. We must see the urgency of telling the story, because those who live their lives without the Lord’s help and blessing will one day face Him for judgment.
If we can share the gospel with them, we can open a door for Jesus to make a difference in their lives. An open door with someone today can affect several generations to follow. Tell the story of Jesus (Psalm 78:1-8) to the children that follow. Let them know of his abiding love and grace. Help them to find a future, a Father, and a family through the gospel.

2 thoughts on “Tell Me the Story of Jesus

  1. This was one of my favorite songs some 40 yrs. ago. I use to be active in church. Then seemingly my life changed. I lost interest because of the hardships I faced. I am sorry to say that I don’t attend church. I seem to be at a lost. I still enjoy reading scriptures, but I feel empty. I Come to the Garden is probably the one I associate with.

  2. Adam, we all need God, and the emptiness you feel may be because of the broken relationship you have with the Lord. I too have felt empty at times. It was usually wehn I had pulled away from God to do my own thing. Come back to God and let him help you through your struggles. Then you will find your relationship full of good and fulfilling life. I pray you will start making the Lord a priority in your life.

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