My Second New Radiator

In January I had to put a new radiator in my car. Today I had to put another new radiator in my car.
The mechanic had already called the parts store about the guarantee on the new radiator, thinking it was defective, when he discovered the problem.
Somebody had backed into our car, broken the grill, and driven the screws into the radiator, which punctured it. They drove off and left us the damage.
My wife and I were reminded of several lessons from the second new radiator.
First, innocent people suffer in the world because of others’ mistakes. Our radiator suffering is limited, but after losing 55% of our buying power in the last two years, and having to replace worn-out parts every month for six months on our 10-year-old car with 225 thousand miles, it’s not a small thing to us.
So many people are maimed or killed by the carelessness, recklessness, or meanness of others. It happens all the time. Evil is real in this world, in the lives of people, and leaves its mark on those who have nothing to do with another’s wrong choices.
Second, we were reminded how God watches over his own. I had noticed the loose grill last week, but didn’t think much about it. So we made major trips Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, after the radiator bashing, all without mishap. When we pulled into the garage Sunday night after our trip, we heard the water gurgling.
How we went all those miles with a bad radiator, without getting stranded on the dangerous highways, I can only chalk up to God’s care for us.
Third, we’re thankful for an honest and reasonable mechanic who does good work and gives us a certain preference. I was able to get the car to his shop this morning, and he stopped his other work to attend to it. He knows we have only the one car and use it daily for our work. For an auto-clutz like me, he’s a true blessing.
You’ve likely seen similar things in your own life. And we all run back to Romans 8:28 as our statement of praise to the Lord:
“And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose” (NET).

We were reminded how God watches over his own.

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  1. this is a good down to earth,practical, simple, way to tell anyone, “the whys”..and a nice praise report to boot. Thanks.. km

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