Benedito, a brother in the Lord, and Sr. Joaquim, a friend of his, have just left my office. He and I have had five studies with Joaquim, whom he has known for many years.
Benedito is the best evangelist-inviter in our congregation. Nobody brings as many people to our group studies and to the breaking of bread than Benedito.
On receiving an invitation to church, Joaquim asked the name of the church’s pastor.
“Jesus,” Benedito answered. “We don’t have anyone else who calls the shots.”
Benedito is a retired construction worker, a 73-year-old widower who lives off his government pension. His Portuguese is ungrammatical, and he does little more in our meetings, publicly, than lead prayers and pass the trays.
But he invites and brings more people than the college graduates.
He’s always there when the saints meet.
He always has a smile for everyone and pieces of candy for the children.
In a religious world which elevates the glib talker and the monied wallets, Benedito is my best argument, as I told Joaquim today.
We’re all on the same level. Why should a public speaker be more valuable than Benedito, who brings people to hear the message?
So, different than the denominations, we have only two levels to our hierarchy.
Level one is Jesus, who retains all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18).
Level two is the rest of us, who submit to the Lord, praise him for his salvation, and serve him in our various functions.
One invites, another teaches, and God gives the increase and receives the glory (see 1 Corinthians 3:6).
All members of the body are important. (Read 1 Corinthians 12.) Every saint’s efforts make a difference and contribute to fulfilling God’s mission on earth.
I’m thankful we have Benedito in our congregation.
Lord, give us more Beneditos.

All members of the body are important.

3 thoughts on “Benedito

  1. Excellent thoughts, Randal! We do need thousands more like Benedito. Thanks for the reminder.
    Richard Mansel

  2. Randal, thank God for the Benedito’s of this world! As Bro. Richard has expressed, we need thousands more like him. Please convey to Benedito, that he’s not only important in the eyes of God, but a beloved brother in Christ. May the Lord allow him many more years in His service.

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