The Sympathetic Jewel

A man visited Tiffany’s jewelry store in New York City. He was shown a magnificent diamond with its gleaming yellow light and many other splendid stones. But he observed one stone that was perfectly lusterless and said, “That has no beauty about it at all.”
The friend who was with him put the stone in the hollow of his hand and held it there for a few minutes. When he opened it, the man said, “What a surprise! There is not a place on it the size of a pinhead that does not gleam with the splendor of the rainbow. What did you do with it?”
His friend answered, “This is an opal. It is what we call the sympathetic jewel. It only needs contact with the human hand to bring out its wonderful beauty.” How many lives there are that need only the warm touch of human sympathy to make them gleam with opalescent splendor.
Aquilla and Priscilla ran into Apollos, who needed to know the way of the Lord more perfectly. With love and kindness, they touched him with the truth, and Apollos became a brilliant apologist for Christianity.
Saul of Tarsus was a much-feared persecutor of the church, but a friend named Barnabas (“son of encouragement”) stood at his side and defended him to the other Christians. As you know, Saul the persecutor became the apostle Paul, touched by a messenger Ananias and an encourager, Barnabas.
A confused Eunuch rode along, not understanding what he was reading. What a blessing that the Spirit urged Philip to join the Eunuch’s chariot and to preach the gospel of Jesus to him. The confused man found answers and went on his way rejoicing.
The hopeless jailer, fearing the worst from the earthquake, thought to take his own life. But two beaten and imprisoned men, who knew the grace of God, cried out, “Do yourself no harm, for we are all here!” They kept him from taking his life by giving him the Lord Jesus Christ. That very hour, the man who had no hope found great joy in Jesus.
Do you know a downcast and discolored soul you may touch? The warmth of your love coupled with the truth of the gospel can turn a dull soul into one of the lights of the world, like a city set on a hill. Don’t hide your light under a basket.

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