What I Want My Boys To Know

That you are a gift from God to your mother and myself … so expect us to love you and to take our responsibility to raise you to love God very seriously.
That the God who created this universe will one day destroy it … so don’t get too attached to it nor build your identity or self-worth upon it.
That God can provide for your needs and take care of you … so rely upon God and regularly go to him in prayer.
That a final Judgment Day is coming … so you are responsible for what you do and say.
That God loves you so much that he has made it possible through Jesus for you to have eternal life with him, even though you will not deserve it … so respond to him with gratitude and love.
That to receive God’s gift of eternal life, God wants you to trust in Jesus to save you. God starts to recognize that you are trusting in Jesus when you acknowledge Jesus and rely upon him through being immersed … so obey the gospel.
That to love God and to love others in the way you love yourself is more important than what your job is, where you live or what you own.
That to love God involves obeying God … so you need to follow what God says, not what your feelings are nor what others might tell you is good.
That the Bible is God’s message to you … so study it carefully and pay attention to how you listen to it.
That life is not fair … so what matters is how you choose to respond to your situation. Respond as someone serving God.
That sin always has bad consequences even if you do not see them … so avoid it and get rid of it from your life.
Choose carefully your friends because they will have an influence upon you.
Whatever you do and whatever your job might be, do it right … so that as someone serving God your effort will bring him honor.
Resentment, bitterness, and such things will only hurt you and others … so learn to be a forgiving and loving person.
Enjoy what God gives you, but keep in mind this life is short and eternity is forever.
This list does not represent my attempt to write what I anticipate you would expect a preacher should jot down. Rather, these are the foremost lessons I hope they will learn. Sure I want my boys to know much more than just these few things. But since I know that my boys throughout their lives will make their decisions based upon what they believe and value, my primary goal is to help them start with the right foundation leading them to navigate the rest with wisdom.

6 Replies to “What I Want My Boys To Know”

  1. Wonderful!
    When my children completed high school, I wrote them a letter much like your article.
    The best mission field for any parent, starts around the dinner table.

  2. Thanks for your comments.
    Although I have served as a missionary in Brazil, I agree that we need to start around our family dinner table … and how we make daily decisions, and how we treat each other, etc. My boys are still in elementary school.

  3. I enjoyed the thoughst you have shared here and am printing them so I can meditate on them some more. Thanks for your work in our Lord’s kingdom.

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