What Sights We Will See

“And he said to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you that there are some standing here who will not taste death till they see the kingdom of God present with power'” (Mark 9:1).
Have you ever wondered just what will take place within your lifetime? To what marvels might you be witness? My mother lived from the first decade of the twentieth century well into the first decade of the twenty-first. She saw most of the technological advances of all human history, certainly the most astonishing, if viewed from a nineteenth century perspective. I have been traveling to South Asia now through close to fifteen years. Development in the standard of living and in economic and other sectors is simply amazing. Yet, we are assured “we have not seen anything yet.”
A book I have recently read repeated the truism, “The more we know, the more that we know that we don’t know.” A simple explanation of this phenomena was given. Consider our knowledge to be represented by a circle. All outside the circle is our ignorance ?- what we do not know. That which touches the circle on the outside is the area of which we are aware -? we know that it is there, but we do not know exactly what it is or what it means. Now, it is obvious, the larger our circle is (what we know) the more contact there is with the outside of the perimeter (what we know that we are ignorant of).
Given that fact, we can appreciate that we may well witness things far more amazing and incredible in the next century than was seen in the last. We don’t know, perhaps cannot imagine, what those amazing innovations will be, but we know they are “out there” and will happen, if the world continues to stand.
Except that the greatest things the world has ever seen or ever will see have already happened ?- long, long ago. The incarnation of the Son of God, and the coming of his Kingdom with power, are far greater than anything man has ever or will ever do. They are even greater than anything else God himself has or will do. They are literally the most incredible, significant, and essential events in human history. By them, sin and death are defeated. By them, God is glorified and proven all wise, all powerful, and all loving. By them, we are saved from our sins and given new, true life.
Jesus came two thousand years ago. His kingdom was established just days after his death, resurrection, and ascension. Yet those events still demand our attention, our faith, and our obedience. Nothing we will see can compare.

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