The Assasin Waits

The Assassin Waits
President Ronald Reagan wrote the following to Timothy McCarthy, “There will always be the special gratitude I feel for your extraordinary heroism on that one cold day in March. It is a gratitude words could never convey.”
If you are my age, you will remember the video clip that aired on March 30, 1981. While waving to onlookers, President Ronald Reagan walked out of the Washington Hilton Hotel heading toward his limousine. John Hinckley Jr. was waiting on the sidewalk with a .22 pistol and yelled, “President Reagan, President Reagan!” Then in the span of three seconds, he fired six bullets. One of the bullets ricocheted and hit the president.
Without hesitation as the bullets were being fired, Secret Service agent McCarthy jumped in front of the president with his arms and legs extended. He was struck in the abdomen with enough force to lift him into the air and onto the ground. While the agent was on the ground, the president was pushed into the limousine and rushed to George Washington University Hospital.
Hinckley’s intentions were diabolical, but McCarthy’s were sacrificial. The agent literally stood between Ronald Reagan and the assassin. In 1998, Peter Baker of the Washington Post wrote about this assassination attempt. “Under federal law, the president cannot turn down Secret Service protection, but he can set limits, such as deciding how close agents can get and whether he will go to places they think are unsafe.”
Christian, do you ever fail to listen to wisdom and go where it’s unsafe? Beware, the assassin is at the door (1 Peter 5:8), and he wants to destroy you (Revelation 12:13-17). Perhaps you have been wounded? Do not fear, for Jesus has jumped in front of you. His arms are extended, and his blood purifies us from all sin (1 John 1:7). He is willing to protect you from Satan; so be thankful, respond to his word, and never doubt (Romans 6:1-14). Christian, are you up for the task?
“A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord.
A wonderful Savior to me.
He hides my soul, in the cleft of the rock.
Where rivers of pleasure I see.” Fanny Crosby


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