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It finally happened the other day. Some fellow phoned and told me he was beginning a “Christian” Public Relations firm and offered his expertise as a PR man. “Are you maximizing (is this a word?) your church programs?” he inquired, “Are you making use of the best statistical analysis for your church? Could you use a professional to publicize all your activities and put them in the best possible light?”
I hardly knew where to begin. Silly me. I had always thought that in the Lord’s church, the people who did things that really counted usually didn’t stop to count them! I wondered, will there come a time when preachers no longer attend Bible college, and instead attend public relations seminars? Do we want cheer leaders in the pulpit, or gospel preachers?
The problem with cheerleaders is that they usually end up cheering for themselves. The moment we become the focus of attention, the moment God’s work is obscured by our work, something is wrong!
Who was it who walked on water? By whose grace are we saved? By whose might and power does the church grow?
“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).
Incidentally, I won’t be giving out the name of “my” new PR firm. If my activity becomes known, it will be by accident. God deserves the glory. God already knows what I do — good and bad. No garment is more becoming to a Christian than a cloak of humility.

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  1. I receive your articles to my gmail. I have 2 gigabytes of storage and can save everything. I can also put a star by items of significance. Today I received “Christian” PR by Stan Mitchell
    Cross-Shaped Lives by Barry Newton. I placed a star an this email. I want to be able to find it again. Keep up the good work.

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