The Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas and, dare I say it, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!
As you enter into the town square of Waynesboro, Tennessee, a sign is strung between two buildings wishing all visitors and residents, “Season’s Greetings.” The town square itself is adorned with banners bidding “Happy Holidays.” In today’s political climate, I am quite surprised that my fair city has not ended up on the news or some talk show as an example of political correctness.
The fact that we still have a town square should clue you in that the values in Waynesboro are still “small town.” That “Season’s Greetings” sign is at least twenty years old and that is just as far back as I can remember. I can assure you that there is no conspiracy to remove Christ from Christmas here.
Sure, in some places and some situations there may be cause for concern, but just because the clerk at the corner store says “Happy Holidays” in reply to your “Merry Christmas” does not give you an open invitation to berate that poor soul on the “true” meaning of Christmas.
Christmas once meant something. As I bask in the glow of our Christmas tree, surrounded by presents, covered in candy canes and ornaments, I wonder just what that meaning was.
Christmas never saw Christians on edge wondering if the clerk behind the counter would wish them, “Merry Christmas” or if the sign out front would read “Happy Holidays.” Christmas was never a time where Christians were angry and looking for just the right recognition from every business and organization.
Christmas is a time for Christians to be evangelistic and take the message of Christ to a lost and dying world. If we follow tradition and celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday then this is exactly what we should be doing.
Millions of people across the globe celebrate this as the day God chose to leave heaven, come to earth and begin the process of redeeming mankind. They celebrate this as the day that the all-powerful creator of the earth became a human so that he could be our mediator before God the father (Hebrews 2:17). God in heaven becomes God in the flesh (John 1:14).
Yet we can find nothing better to talk about than whether or not some city has a “Holiday Tree” or “Christmas Tree.”
Christians, if we would do our part and convert the lost using the opportunities that present themselves, then our minority would turn into the majority. Then “Holiday Trees” and such would be a thing of the past.

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  1. Randy
    Thought this was a good article. With all the talk about wishing someone “Merry Christmas”, etc. it is refreshing to see this. And to know that Waynesboro, TN, actually does not have Xmas in their signs. We were at Walmart yesterday and we were amused at the clerks who did wish us some kind of holiday greetings: Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, etc. Guess our town does not go with the Walmart flow. Now the door greeter coming in did not wish us greetings, but the one going out did.

  2. You wrote, “If we follow tradition and celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday then this is exactly what we should be doing.” I don’t believe true Christians have ever or should celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday. Even the Pope has acknowledged that it is not. It is well known and documented that the origin of Christmas is a pagan celebration that the Roman Catholic Church turned into a Christ Mass to try to covert the heathen. It is ok for Christians to enjoy Christmas as simply a traditional secular holiday but to begin to celebrate it as Christ’s birthday and a religious occasion is to veer from the truth and start accepting the traditions of men instead of the will of Christ.

  3. I agree with Walt Bell. We are Christians who should remember Christ everyday and especially his death on the first day of every week. Be carefull not to get caught up in the worlds plea to put Christ back into Christmas where he has never been.
    Be strong not popular!
    Time with family and friends this time of year is fine.

  4. Do you believe that christmas is Jesus birthday? I’m confused! Jesus is no more the reason for this season than I am. Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with the Pagan Man made Day. The catholics are responsible because they didn’t want to be outdone by the other heathens.

  5. Thank you for all your comments! I think you all are missing the point. People do celebrate Christmas as Christ’s birthday.
    It is not a matter of the church endorsing it, it is a matter of the church recognizing that people’s minds are centered on the birth of Christ at this time of year. Let us use this to our advantage and save souls.
    In His Name,

  6. Be sure to be Biblically correct and don’t worry about being politically correct about Christmas, Easter, etc. (1 Peter 4:11; Jn.8:31,32)

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