Who's Your SRP?

Gawking at himself in a large restaurant mirror in a men’s restroom, a teenager adjusted his pants so that his underwear would show. Two other young men saw him. One immediately proceeded to alter how he wore his pants. The other just casually washed his hands then left.
Her eyes quickly scanned the room analyzing what the other women were wearing. Immediately a sense of relief swept over her as she realized that probably nobody would think she was either overdressed or underdressed for the party. Simultaneously, two other young women, completely decked out in gothic attire, smiled at each other as they made their entrance into the party. They knew others would sneak staring shocked glances at their dark-themed presence.
Why do different people react so strikingly different in the same situation? Part of the answer is determined by which SRP each of us adopts. SRP is an abbreviation for social reference point. SRP refers to those people whose opinion matters to us and who we want to be like.
When Jesus said to the crowds, “How will you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God.”/1 Jesus accurately identified the self-affirming herd mentality driving their behavior. Unless those individuals changed their minds about whose opinion they would hold dear, a blind lemming momentum would carry them over a cliff to certain destruction.
When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, some people began to follow Jesus while others did not./2 This divergent behavior existed because of SRP. Some people considered the truth they had learned about Jesus to be more important to them than any other social ties. Others, knowing the social consequences for acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah, loved the praise of men more than of God./3
Why do some people behave so differently in the same situation? Some live seeking foremost the approval and acceptance of a small group of friends, a gang, polite society, a peer group, an ethnic group, or those of a particular economic social strata, etc. Jesus challenges us to replace our broken compasses with a reliable GPS system, namely God’s approval.
God predestined that those in Christ would be shaped according to the image of his Son. Those whose social reference point is Christ will be transformed from the inside out because they live foremost seeking God’s approval.
1/ John 5:44 NIV
2/ John 11:45; 12:37
3/ John 12:42,43

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