Politically Correct

“Deep in a forested bio region stood a small, humble chalet, and in that chalet lived a small, humble family. The father was a tree butcher by trade, and he did his best to raise his two pre-adults named Hansel and Gretel” (a politically correct beginning to the well-known Grimm’s fairy tale).
The thing that I love about the politically correct bunch is that they actually think that human thinking is improving all the time, that our level of reasoning has advanced since the dark ages of years gone by. Guess they haven’t watched much prime time TV lately! Read the first page of the United States constitution, and ask yourself again if you really are smarter just because you live in a “more enlightened” age! Read the latest self-indulgent pop psychology offering, then read the book of Proverbs, and ask yourself if we’ve come such a long way after all.
Certainly technology has advanced since the days of horse and buggy, but the movement from Mozart to rap is downhill. Just because you heard something said in a big-city church, by a big-time preacher, does not make it right. Be analytical. Open your Bible and study. Ask yourself, not whether it is new or old, but whether it is true.
No, liberal preachers are not smarter than conservative (I prefer “biblical”). New ideas have a built-in weakness; they haven’t been thought through yet (that’s what makes them new!). I’m not saying we should never change; I’m just saying that an idea’s “newness” is an insufficient reason to change our convictions.
“All the Athenians,” we are told, “spent their time doing nothing but talking and listening to the latest ideas” (Acts 17:21).
Nothing the modern TV “evangelist” ever said compares to the inspired and enduring word of God!

New doesn’t necessarily mean improved.

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