Where Is the Light?

by Frances Parr
It was a sunny Tuesday morning, the day after a holiday. I was busily catching up on chores from the day before plus regular activities when I realized I needed something from the store. My thoughts roamed as I drove the six miles into town. Having made that trip two to five times daily for over twenty years, there was no need to think about it.
As I stepped out of the car, it seemed the sunshine had a strange glow. Glancing skyward, I saw no clouds in sight, but I thought little of it. Probably my sun glasses were smeared or dusty.
Inside the store I overheard people talking. “It’s just beginning; you ought to come look,” and “Remember, don’t look right at it.”
Suddenly I remembered. It was May 10, 1994, and there was an eclipse, visible in the central part of the USA. At that moment the moon was passing in front of the sun!
I hurried home, grabbed two sheets of white paper, and poked a pin through the center of one. I took my scientific experiment outside, where the sunlight beaming through the pin hole showed a perfect shadow image of the phenomenon. I watched, fascinated, as the moon passed across the face of the sun and continued on its westward trek. Then the sun was brightly shining again.
The sun’s brilliance cannot be endured by the naked eyes of man. From a distance of 93,000,000 miles its heat can blister human skin in a very few hours. This magnificent fireball was easily created by a mere thought of God and contains only a fraction of His great power. In itself, the sun is a small part of a vast solar complex, perhaps one of many such systems.
During the eclipse, I thought about the sun’s light and how it changed as the moon blocked off a portion of its brilliance. Would my life be changed if God blocked off even a small part of His power?
As I go about my daily life, I give little or no thought to my lungs breathing, my heart beating, or the perfect, intricate workings of the different parts of my body. Unless something goes wrong, I usually don’t think about it at all.
While I frequently thank God for the beauty of the earth around me and for His care of me, I generally take for granted the air I breathe, the coming of day and night, and the seasons in their turn.
If He suddenly withdrew all things which He has created and given to mankind, how would I be affected? The earth would be in total darkness, perhaps careening uncontrolled through space. Would my lungs explode from lack of air? Would my brain forget to tell my heart to beat? Without God’s constant care, my life would end instantly.
It was not difficult at all for God to bring about such fantastic things as the sun, stars and planets, and the earth with its surging oceans, tall mountains, and deep valleys. This same power is available to you and me in our daily lives. No matter what the circumstances, God can handle it. All we have to do is to let Him!
Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol 6, pages 15-16.

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