Bush Hates…?

Hurricane Katrina had ripped a devastating swath through the Southeastern US. Hundreds of thousands of American citizens were desperate for any kind of relief. In an effort to aid the hurting masses, media spokesmen appeared on national television urging us to give. This was a time for compassion in a very concrete way.
In one “live” endeavor, Mike Meyers and Kanye West appeared together hoping to prompt us to generosity. But instead of pleading for our financial assistance, Mr. West took a “pot shot” at our President. “Bush doesn’t like blacks,” he proclaimed. From his perspective, the President’s slow response demonstrated his distaste, yea even his hatred, for suffering black Americans in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
I have a few questions. Why is Mr. Bush’s alleged hatred for blacks morally reprehensible, but Mr. West’s obvious hatred for the President morally acceptable? How is one man’s hatred wrong, while another man’s hatred is right? If it’s wrong to hate any class or group of people, how can it be right to hate an individual? Talk about “the pot calling the kettle black.”
Remember King David? The prophet Nathan came to the palace for not only a visit, but a report (2 Samuel 12:1ff). Evidently, a poor shepherd owned a singular lamb (v. 3). The lamb wasn’t a part of a larger flock, it was the family pet. A wealthy neighbor, who owned countless sheep, stole the poor man’s pet and served it up as supper to a guest (v. 4). When David heard what had happened, he was incensed (v. 5)! The mighty king vowed to use the full power of his throne to punish the evildoer (vv. 5-6). But alas, it was David himself who was the wealthy man (v. 7). He had stolen his “neighbor’s” wife, committed adultery with her, then murdered her innocent husband when it looked like his own heinous sin might be exposed.
Mark it down. When a man goes overboard to object to somebody else’s moral failure, he’s probably guilty of the same — or worse, himself.

Evaluating hate.

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  1. Over the years I have come to realize that people tend to judge others by what they would do in the same (perceived) circumstances.

  2. First, I am not one to get involved in politics in fact I think it is worthless for the Christian to take too many sides because most politicians are liars and cheats. However, I believe firmly from the people and local news that it was the Federal, State and local government that was the problem with Katrina. It is always easy to look at hindsight and see it better. Bush and the state of Texas would not want to be made a fool if his state was to be hit and he allowed the blacks in his own state to die. I would just be very careful what is said politicially because things are not always what they seem. In Christian Love.

  3. In every city, county, state government, there are laws, and many laws preclude the Federal Government from interfering in their local/county/state government. It is so interesting to me, when there is a pecking order for everything, except in this emmergency. What about other states, have they expected the Federal Government to intervene when they, local, county, or state government has many conditions that limit outside power from stepping up and intervening.
    It is so interesting to me that there were blacks and whites, and other nationalities affected by Katrina, but it appears to me that listening to the news media, it was only the “poor” blacks that had problems, and New Orleans was the only city affected by Katrina.
    We need to continue to uplift and hold the President in prayer. He has accepted the responsibility for the “slowness” of the Federal Government when the very ones that are elected in the state and community found that the task before them was too large, and instead of admiting that they were limited in their resoruces to have the Federal Government, and the Red Cross step up and do what is necessary.
    It would also appear to me that the mayor of New Orleans, having had two or three disasters before Katrina as examplse of things that should have been done. Like water and some staple food in the SuperDome, but no, there was neither, they he wanted to blame the government. Sad that he blames the government along with the govenor.
    Everyone should accept their responsibility….and to limit the Red Cross and other organizations from assisting until almost too late it unthinkable.
    What about the 1000 plus school busses that could have taken the “poor” people out of New Orleans? Lots of questions….What about the other cities and states affected, we do not hear much about them, did they take care of their problems, I think so, with the assistance and in unison with the Federal Government. I shutter to think what would have happened if we would have had another President in office, but that is altogether another issue…
    God Bless

  4. Thanks for your article
    about Katrina and President Bush and Mr. West. Thanks also for the responses posted.
    Thank you all for all your labor in Christ.
    Thank You, Father.
    Help us grow.

  5. Thank God for our president George Bush. People want to blame him for the problems in New Orleans but never mention the Mayor of the city that failed in every effort. He could have move thousands out of the city but didn’t. He and the Governor failed. It’s easier to blame a President that was miles and miles away from the problem. New Orleans had a very serious problem with wrong things even before the storm and still does.

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