Rented Space

Lord, our houses are so full, we’re renting space to store our extra stuff. And that’s what it is — stuff! Every room overflowing with clothing, accessories, trophies, bric-a-brac, gadgets, stuffed animals, bats and balls. We’re the packrats of the world.
Worse, our lives are like our houses. Too much to do, too many places to go, too many cars and appliances to maintain and fix, too many appointments to keep, too many chores to check off our to-do list.
But there’s no place to rent more “space” for our lives. No more time, no more energy, no more effort to contract through the yellow pages.
In all the crowding, the first thing to go is our relationship with you.
Lord, there’s only one solution: to chunk whole trunks of our past, present, and future to open up space for you to return and take over.
Would you come do that for me today?
Because Jesus made space for me. Amen.

A prayer to make room for God in our life.

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