Five Pounds Lighter

A lady discovered that her bathroom scales registered five pounds lighter if she stood on her left foot instead of her right foot. It made no difference to her that outside scales confirmed the right-foot weight. She wanted to be lighter than she was, so she took comfort in standing on her left foot.
One of the most amazing features of the human psyche is the ability to delude ourselves. People frequently believe what they want to believe regardless of the truth. Believing something does not change a lie into the truth. Shifting her feet on the scale did not really change her actual weight.
The New Testament provides a number of passages that remind us of the folly of deceiving or deluding ourselves. The Scriptures urge us, “Do not be deceived.” It says that because we are all so prone to fool ourselves into thinking that we are the exception to the rule or that the consequences won’t really fall on us. The Scriptures urge us, “Be not deceived,” and affirm these truths:
1 Cor. 6:9 “the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.”
1 Cor. 15:33 “Bad company corrupts good morals.”
Gal. 6:7 “God is not mocked; whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”
James 1:15-16 “when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.”
In addition to these warnings, James spoke of those who delude themselves by merely hearing the Word but fail to make the needed changes (James 1:22-25). John said the person who claims he has no sin actually deceives himself (1 John 1:8).
Don’t twist things around trying to make them seem different than they really are. Be honest with yourself and with God. Live a life that pleases Him.

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