The Most Important Member

While our spinning planet careens through space, the Almighty patiently pursues his objectives. Through Christ, God is joining diverse peoples together into one community, one body. God’s will for his people involves them being characterized by love, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit./1 As members, our lives are to be transformed ever more precisely into the image of Christ./2 Furthermore, divinely mandated purposes such as encouraging one another, exemplifying lives useful in God’s service, proclaiming God’s gracious activity through Christ and praising the Father and his Son infuse a disciple as a member of a congregation with meaningful goals. In such a community, who is the most important member?
? Every member who expresses love and who refrains from making biting comments fortifies a congregation’s purpose to be a people shaped by love, joy, and peace in the Holy Spirit.
? Every heart lifting up its voice in song contributes to the worship a congregation presents to God.
? Everyone who participates in maintaining the grounds is not just engaged in cleaning or cutting the grass, he or she is making it possible for God’s people to meet together and to have an attractive facility to which friends can be invited.
? Every member who freely donates financial resources strengthens our congregation’s ability to perform and achieve its tasks.
? Every member who invites a friend or greets a visitor participates in the congregation’s mandate to influence the community around it for Christ.
? Every teacher who proclaims God’s message augments a congregation’s efforts to educate about the Lord’s way.
? Every member who grows in the fruits of the Spirit fortifies the presence of God’s people within our neighborhoods and workplaces allowing God to use his people as the transforming agents of salt and light.
? Every volunteer washing baptismal garments, serving as a food coordinator, cooking dinner, assisting in the nursery, preparing the Lord’s Supper or any of a host of other activities is contributing to the important functioning of the congregation.
This is only the start of a very long list. Who is the most important person? “From Christ the whole body, joined together … grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”/3 The most important member is every member of the congregation who assists God’s people to achieve their God-given purposes.
1/ Romans 14:17
2/ Romans 8:29
3/ Ephesians 4:16 NIV

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  1. Love this article! It should be sent to all the bulletins in the world to be copied and dispersed among the Lord’s family, IMHO. So often there is a “line of demarcation” in local congregations, concerning who does what– and the importance attached to that. The attitude is often shameful at best, quite similar in tone (if not intensity) to the one condemned in James, which tells how brethren uplift the rich and fancy-dressed person and put down the poor and plainly dressed person.
    In Christ, we are all one, and as this author so succinctly points out, we all have a very important place in His body–AS parts and members of that body.
    Thank you so much for such a very important article!

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