To be a man

Lord, the politically correct world wants to feminize us all. Get in touch with our feelings, acknowledge our effeminate side. (I grant that I don’t always properly deal with the emotions swept under the surface.) And then there are those who want us to hear the child within us. Be more playful, less restrained.
But I want to be, in spiritual terms, a tough guy, a real grown-up. Paul said we should, all of us, “act like men.”
To be a man, to be mature, to be courageous in face of trial and opposition. The way Jesus was. THAT’S what I want to be, Lord. Make me into a real man. Amen.

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J. Randal Matheny

Servant of the Lord at GoSpeak
Randal and his wife have lived and worked in Brazil since 1984. They have three children, two daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. Randal's a lefty, a chocolate lover, an author and a poet. His microblog is

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