Got Trust?

A mouthful of dry chocolate cookie followed by the slogan “Got Milk?” is nowhere near the power of “Got Trust?” Trust can be harder than steel but more fragile than glass. While trust can grow slowly to the point where people have even given their lives because of their trust in others, a single event or conversation can destroy sizable chunks of our trust in another.
A high level of performance from any company or organization requires its members to trust each other. The church is no exception. Without trust, at best, relationships will limp along. Without trust, solidarity is problematic. Without trust, leadership is hamstrung. To build trust takes a steady stream of positive evidence suggesting that someone is trustworthy.
When your name is mentioned, how would others respond to the question, “do you trust ’em?” Each of us can ask ourselves, “What reasons am I giving for others to trust me? Might I be undermining their trust in me?”
? A gossip reveals a secret, but a trustworthy man conceals the matter (Proverbs 11:13).
? Forthrightness and honesty build trust. Hidden agendas or deception destroy trust. The funny thing about hidden agendas is they are not so hidden. Many people are astute enough to pick up on patterns of behavior.
? Reliability creates trust. The failure of others to fulfill their promises or responsibilities erodes our confidence in them.
? Integrity, especially in the face of adversity, strengthens trust. Conforming to the situation like a chameleon reveals the weakness of duplicity.

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