Removed From Time

The scene struck me as beautiful. I was hiking in the woods with my camera, ready to shoot anything that caught my attention. When the trek began, the sky was filled with dark clouds. Now cracks began to appear in the clouds, and sunlight filtered through the forest canopy. One sunbeam lit up a rhododendron bloom in unusual fashion. My camera leapt to action.
In taking the photo, I removed that scene from time. Time would quickly change what I saw. The sun would change its position in the sky, and clouds might again block its light. In a day or two, the blossom would begin to fade and its petals would fall to the ground. Never again would this particular view be seen in this particular place. By recording it to the digital chip in my camera, however, I will enjoy it for years to come.
If we could remove ourselves from time, what might happen? Our bodies would no longer age. Appearances would remain the same (for better or for worse!). Loved ones wouldn’t grow up or move on, but would remain ever close. (How often parents have wished they could remove their little ones from time’s distancing effects!)
But this method of time-freezing isn’t really what we’re seeking. In the photograph no fragrance can be enjoyed, no breezes felt. Much of nature’s allure is its life, one thing photography — not even videography — can capture. I can see evidence of life in the picture, but I can’t feel life.
How much better is God’s plan for removing us from time. John wrote about what lies before us: “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away” (Revelation 21:4, NKJV). How can it be that “there shall be no more death”? Death is natural in this world, even though it may be undesirable. But God will change all of that. The “former things” (including death) will pass away. The dimension of time will be taken away.
Paul also referred to this truth. In 2 Timothy 1:9 and in Titus 1:2, he used a hope-filled phrase: “before time began.” Early in the process of creation, God inserted something that had not formerly been present: time. And one day in the future, the Bible tells us, that same phenomenon will be removed. Life will not be removed. Immortal spirits will not be removed. But time will be taken out of the equation.
The clock and calendar rule this realm. But it will not always be so. The day is coming (an endless day!) in which time shall be no more. The beauty given by God will never fade.

2 Replies to “Removed From Time”

  1. I am thankful to see what I have believed for some time. Too many people, Christians even, think heaven is just going to be a continuation of this life with no evil to endure. This world and the atoms that make it up are going to be done away with. Eternity is not enless time. That would be boring! As John says in 1 John 3:2, we shall be like our Lord and that should be enough.

  2. “…time. And one day in the future, the Bible tells us, that same phenomenon [time] will be removed.”
    Oh please, yes! But where does the scripture say this? “No night there” in Revelation doesn’t cut it for me, as all that passage indicates is that God’s light will obliterate darkness – not time.

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