Out of pocket

Lord, I have to move this week. My office space is being renovated, so I have to pack up everything and remove my books and equipment so the people can work. And in a couple weeks, I have to move it all back again. I feel dislocated, not only physically, but emotionally.
How many others have it so much worse than I! Victims of the tsunami lost belongings and houses. Families lose their homes through fire, foreclosures, or faithlessness. People move from one city, state, or country to another and experience a loss of familiar references. Sometimes, even the location, society, or culture itself changes quickly over time and leaves people feeling lost.
The worst of all, Lord, is being dislocated spiritually. We have lost ourselves and put ourselves far from your safety and security. Far from where we were created to remain.
And when we’re under your wing, however else we may feel about being out of pocket, lost in time or space, we know we’re always in the right place, a place of belonging.
Because of He who dislocated himself from heaven to fit us back in. Amen.

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