Give Me a Bump, Lord

by Barbara Ann Oliver

I got too close. No other explanation for it. The bees were flying, I was nosy, and I got in their flight path. So several of the girls reminded me to keep my distance with a little head-butt. They had no intention of stinging me, just giving me a friendly warning, which I heeded by moving to the side of the hive and backing up a little. If I had persisted, they would have stung me, no question.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Lord did that for us every time we got too close to sin? Just reach down and give us a little bump, a little warning that we were getting ready to be stung by Satan? Then again, maybe he does and we just don’t pay attention.

If you ask me if I knew that I was getting too close to the hive, I have to admit to you that, yes, I did know. I was just … testing. Just seeing how close I could get before — dare I admit it? — I got stung. Fortunately for me, the bees had more sense than I did.

Do we know when we are getting too close to sin? Oh, yes. Most of the time, I think we do. We can see it coming a mile away. But we keep getting closer and closer. We just want to see how close we can get.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the world will not give us any warning when we get to that invisible line of no return. Satan comes swarming down on us, and the stings are so painful, and we are so sorry. And we open our mouths to say, “I didn’t know.” But that only compounds the sin with a lie. We say, “If I had only known where this would lead …” But we did know, really. Little warning bells were constantly going off in our heads. We just chose to ignore them. We were just testing …

We all know to “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). How many times do we fall into disaster because we don’t heed the gentle bumps the Lord gives us when we are tempted? When we see sin coming down the road, looking so appealing, so fun, so satisfying, remember that it packs a wallop of a sting.

Pay attention when the Lord gives you a bump!

2 Replies to “Give Me a Bump, Lord”

  1. This site is awesome…thanks for telling me about it Barbara…as you can see…I got in. I shared it with all my friends and family.
    many thanks,
    Jeanette Raine Wellington, NZ

  2. Welcome Jeanette to Forthright. I hope you are blessed by reading the articles here.
    Wellington is one of my favorite places on earth. I have spent nearly two weeks there and they were splendid.
    Richard Mansel
    “Square One” Columnist

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