Signs on the Road of Life

Owen Cosgrove
Can we imagine what traveling would be like without road signs to help us along the way? The way to life as described in the Bible has many road signs that we need to understand and heed.
Obey All Traffic Signs ? State Law. God does not make laws for us to pick and choose and obey selectively. To break one is to be guilty of all of them. Obey the Lord’s commandments. This is Heaven’s law.
Stop. Those who run the spiritual stop signs of life risk hurting themselves and others. When the Lord says stop, we’d better not run the stop signs. Even when we are tempted to do wrong, stop! “Stop” does not mean slow down. It means stop.
Slow. We get too impatient in life. Watch your speed. You will make wiser decisions and improve your chance of survival if you just slow down when time and circumstances call for it.
Do Not Enter. There are some areas of life where Christians must not be. Do not even start into these areas. Leave them alone.
Wrong Way. This sign means that you are headed toward a deadly encounter if you do not make some changes quickly.
Turn Back. If you are going the wrong way, turn back before it is too late.
Keep Right. The twenty-one epistles of the New Testament were written to Christians, urging them to be faithful to Christ. Get right by obeying the Gospel, and keep right by being faithful in Christ’s service.
One Way. There is one way that leads to life eternal, and it is not a two-way street. Wise travelers get in that way and go with the flow that leads to Heaven. As the song says, “No turning back, no turning back.”
Yield. The Christian learns to yield. First, he yields to God because God has the right of way. Then he learns to yield to others in matters of judgment so that the church can work together as a mighty team. We can all have our say, but we cannot all have our way. People who do not learn to yield cause many fender benders and smash-ups in life. We will still arrive at our destination in plenty of time, and our trip will be much more pleasant for us and others, when we learn to yield.
Yes, life has many traffic signs. Good Christians, like good drivers, respect and obey the rules
Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol 44, pgs 61-62.

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