The Gift of Time

by Dale Grissom
Life is short and we waste so much of it in pursuit of the dollar. We tell ourselves that we must “keep up” with those around us. We must live in a nice house, drive an expensive automobile, wear stylish name-brand clothes, be a member of the club or take part in recreation that is expensive, and eat out as often as we can because our friends and neighbors are doing it.
Many parents will spend their last dollar, even go into debt, to buy the things their children desire, but will neglect to give the very best gift they could possibly give: the gift of their time. Because of the guilt they feel about the lack of time spent with their children, parents may try to make it up to them by buying all kinds of toys and things. As the children get older, the gifts get bigger and more expensive — cars or trucks. All the while the child is growing up with the idea that this is the way things are supposed to be, when in fact this way of life is void of true commitment — commitment in service to God and to our families.
Husbands and wives need to spend time together developing a true love for each other, and then spend time developing a healthy relationship with their children. Frequently, however, both parents work outside the home. They allow themselves to become so busy that they do not take time for each other, and they find that when they get home from work they are so mentally and physically exhausted that they are in no condition to cope with the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for the children. Communication breaks down as a result, and the family grows apart. The marriage may end in divorce — one parent becomes responsible for raising the children — and everyone involved suffers.
Parents, spend time with your children — schedule it, if necessary — and use this time to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Fathers, re-establish your God-given responsibility as head of the family. Lovingly discipline your children, and teach them respect for their parents, other adults, and their peers. Determine to spend time as a family, building the God-centered home he would have us to enjoy.
Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol 44, page 68.

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