We Need to Know God

by Shan Jackson
When Paul traveled to Athens he went there with one purpose — to bring salvation to the Grecian world. There he encountered certain philosophers who found delight in hearing new things from all over the world (Acts 17). They knew much, but they did not know God. It was not that they did not have the ability to know God, but that they had failed to begin their search for Him. In their attempt to know all the deities of the world, they failed to find the one and true Deity of all eternity. They knew much — but they did not know God.
There are people today who also know much. However, the world, by its own wisdom, will never know God (1 Corinthians 1:21). Therefore, God has supplied us with His Bible to support us in our quest to find Him and a knowledge of His will. There is no way of knowing Him without it.
Many today are just as ignorant of God as were the philosophers of Mars’ Hill. And so the remedy for our ignorance is just the same as theirs. We need to be converted, to turn to the Lord of lords (Acts 3:19). We need to know much — we need to know God.
You see, none of us knows how to find salvation except through the Bible (Romans 10:17). Our feelings, emotions, and thought processes are most deceptive. As Jeremiah said, “The way of man is not in himself: it is not in man to direct his own steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). We simply cannot risk the salvation of our souls by blind acceptance of man?s teaching (Matthew 15:9). We must know God. We must know that the Lord has spoken. Remember, heaven and earth will pass away, but not His words (Matthew 24:35). We must know much — we must know God.
When this old world is wrapped in flames, the words of the Lord will survive. When death and decay have their names scratched and scarred on everything else, His words will remain. Above everything else they demand our careful and prayerful attention. They are the light and lamp by which we are guided (Psalm 119:105). They are the source of our spiritual understanding (verse 104). We must know God.

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