Questions, Questions and … The Question!

There are many questions, and then there is “the question.” Where will you vacation this year? Where will technology lead us in ten years? How many angels can stand on the head of a pin? Will you marry me? No, this is not “the question.”
Questions, like books, never end. Some questions originate from a genuine desire to understand or improve. Some are intended as a means of receiving confirmation or praise. While still others are carefully prepared traps designed to tear down and destroy.
Jesus was frequently bombarded with questions — all types of questions. On one occasion the supposed experts of religion dropped the then current hot theological potatoes in his lap. To paraphrase their questions: “Do you give taxes to an ungodly and oppressive government?” “If marriage is monogamous and there is a resurrection, then what will be the marriage situation of a woman in heaven who legitimately married seven husbands, none of whom can claim a superior status than another?”
After answering these highly overrated questions, Jesus cut through the smoke screens and distractions which had consumed the minds of many and dropped the bomb — the real question, the question that stands above all other questions and which confronts every human being.
“The Christ, whose son is he?”
With this simple but profound question, Jesus challenges us to rethink our entire outlook on life. All other questions lose their importance before this question. For if the Christ is the Son of God, then the dike of distractions and false values has utterly crumbled, and the implications of Jesus? message and life roars down upon us. Not only has the Son of God visited humanity, but his message would be authoritative.
If what Jesus taught is reliable, the shock waves ripple out: We are accountable to his message. Unless we believe in Jesus, we will died in our sins. Jesus died alone on a nasty cross for my sins. There are real values and they are determined by God. We need to be prepared and rich toward God. Those who are prepared are wise.
Maybe there are just a couple of lingering questions. Would God claim that I am rich toward him? Would Jesus say I am prepared?

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