In Old Testament times, God required His people to offer animal sacrifices. What exactly was involved in this religious rite?
First, the worshiper, according to God’s dictates, selected an appropriate animal to be sacrificed.
Second, the worshiper brought the animal to the place of offering, otherwise known as the altar.
Third, the worshiper bound the animal and placed it on the altar, thereby presenting it to God.
And fourth, after fire had consumed the offering, the worshiper then walked away.
Did you know that God still requires sacrifice today? No, he doesn’t ask us to select an animal, bring it to the altar, offer it, and then walk away. Instead God insists that the child of God climb atop the altar and remain. Why? Because the worshiper is the sacrifice!
The Bible says, “…Present your bodies a living sacrifice to God…” (Romans 12:1; cf. 1 Peter 2:5).
Think about it.

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