Balm for the Faithful

“God is not unfair;
he will not forget your work
and the love you have shown
because of his name,
as you have served his people
and continue to serve them”
(Hebrews 6:10).
Because you are trying to serve God through your life, how many times have you said a kind word to provide comfort to the hurting? How many times have you lent a hand or given of your financial means in order to help someone else? In how many different ways and for how long has your service to God shaped and influenced your interaction with others?
Although we might remember some of those times we demonstrated love, God remembers every single one! He remembers each cup of cold water, every kind word, each thoughtful act. Have you sometimes felt like nobody noticed your acts of love? Have you ever wondered if your service has made any difference? Not only has your love sent out ripples into the lives of others which you may never fully realize, but also God remembers each act of faithful love. Is sacrificial love and faithfulness to God worth it? Not only is God worthy of our love and devotion, God is not unfair. God has prepared a wonderful inheritance for his people.

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