Procrastinating with Sin

I got out of bed this morning and looked at myself in the mirror.
“Randal, old boy, you’re a sinaholic, just like the rest of the human race. As James said, ‘We all stumble in many ways.’ But just for today, we’re going to put the devil to rout. I won’t worry about tomorrow or the next day, just today.”
In fact, since I’m such an expert at procrastination, I decided to use it on Temptation, the next time he appeared. Which didn’t take long.
“Helloooo, Randal! How’s it going, good buddy? You’ve been working hard lately, my friend. Why not take a little break from this saint business and have a little fun? Everybody else is. You deserve a moment of pleasure. Why, even Fulano wasn’t at church yesterday. He was probably down on the beach sunning and splashing.”
“Hmm, interesting proposition there, T. I’ll think about it. Who knows, maybe tomorrow? Why not come back later and we’ll talk about it?”
“But this may be your only chance in a long time, Randal. After all, I set everything up for you, and it’s all come together right now. Come on, all this work will still be there when you get back.”
“Well, you’re right about one thing, T. There’s always work to do. So I tell you what. I’ll put your proposal in the stack and when I get around to it, I’ll take a look at it. How’s that?”
“Oh, my good friend, once you let the opportunity go by, you just can’t expect a good thing like this to sit and wait for you. Time’s a-wasting! Don’t get left out in the cold. Take the plunge!”
“Considering the temperatures around here, T., I could use a little cold just now. So take a number, get in line, and I’ll get back with you.”
Though he’s not one to take a “no” easily, by this time I caught a glimpse of his back heading out the door as I looked up from my desk.
He’d left until a more opportune time.
But for now, I’d put him off until he got tired.
He’ll back back, for sure. But there’s always tomorrow.
“… tomorrow will care for itself” (Matthew 6:34, NASB).

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