Lines from My Notebook

* Maturity is being able to live with decisions you don’t agree with.
* The Man who made the best use of his time never knew what a minute was, much less a second.
* Technology comes from “techne,” art, craft and “logia,” word, study. But perhaps we should consider it as deriving from “technon,” child, son, daughter. Technology then becomes how to bless our children with the use of new knowledge, strategies, and discoveries.
* No congregation is autonomous or independent. These are misnomers. Every congregation is submissive to God and dependent on Christ for its strength, hope, and mission.
* Life is a series of decisions that determine our destiny.
* Today’s emphasis is how far we are from Jesus’ perfection, how impossible it is to be like him. The biblical emphasis, however, is that the Christian lives like his Lord. Not only is it possible, but necessary to live as he did.
* Little good to explain what to do to be saved if the doer doesn’t understand what Christ did to save us.
* When does character become visible? (1) At critical junctures; (2) Over the long haul; (3) At home.
* Fear prompts you to lie (Genesis 12:10-12).
* Can we know the will of God? If not, we cannot even pray. So says John (1 John 3:21-22; 5:14-15). Further, knowing God’s will is prerequisite to praying. We do not pray to know the will of God; rather we know the will of God in order to pray.
* Eternity is neither spent nor passed, but lived.
* Will we know one another in Heaven? If in Heaven we will know the Lord and if there He will know every soul saved by Christ’s blood, then certainly we will know one another, and that far better than we ever knew them on earth!

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