I'll Fix It

Lord God who keeps the universe in place, you spoke and the worlds were created. By your attention, the earth continues to serve as our training ground for eternity. All maintains its place under your watchful eye.
From childhood, Lord, we like to tinker and experiment, take toys apart, build castles in the sand. We manipulate our surroundings, level hills for highways, dam up rivers to form lakes, build rockets to pierce the heavens. Seems like there is nothing we can’t acheive, no problem we can’t fix.
So why doesn’t this work in our relationships? So often, my wife doesn’t want a solution, but an ear; no repairs, just sympathy. The kids don’t always need me to jump in and take over; often a hug, a smile, or a tear is what they want. A kiss on the skinned knee doesn’t heal it, but sure makes it feel better.
So what do I have that huge tool box for? Lord, help me learn that wrenches don’t do much for those I love, nor drills for those I want to help.
I’ll leaving the fixing up to you. Because of him who repaired my life. Amen.

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