But I Thought It Was A Joke

A long time ago a couple of young men were engaged to marry Lot’s daughters. One night their future father-in-law showed up unexpectedly at their home with a story that seemed so incredible to them they thought it was a joke. Lot recounted how he had invited two visitors to stay at his house. When a riotous crowd had begun to try to break down his front door, these men had caused the crowd to be blinded. Furthermore, they announced that the LORD had sent them to destroy Sodom. Therefore, they had to flee the city that very night!
One can imagine how this message sounded to these young men. Every day the sun had risen and then set. Why should tomorrow be any different? To these young men, their future father-in-law’s message sounded like a joke (Genesis 19:14). There was no way that they were going to leave the comfort of their homes to ridiculously run out of Sodom during the night! They would be the laughing stock of their friends for months to come.
Unfortunately, the following day must have been especially horrific for them as, suddenly, flaming balls of sulfur began pelting the city, turning Sodom into one giant incinerator. We don’t know how quickly they died, but the thought must have raced through their minds … “I was warned! This didn’t have to happen to me!”
Is not today much like that night in Sodom? God has announced through both Jesus and his apostles that a day of judgment is coming. And yet, does it not seem like some people are treating God’s message as though this is a just a joke? Some have not made any preparations; their hearts are not turned to the Lord. Instead, they continue to go about living their life assuming that “there will always be a tomorrow” and “if there really is a final judgment, I’m OK because I’m basically good enough.” They are ignorant of what the scriptures teach about our sin.
“Know this first, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, walking according to their desires, and saying, ‘Where is his promised coming? Since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.’ … the heavens which now are and the earth by the same pronouncement are laid up for fire, being reserved for the day of judgment and destruction of godless men” (2 Peter 3:3,4,7 McCord’s Translation).

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