Satan's Tackle Box

There’s a creek that runs through Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. It’s deep and cold and clear, and it serves as habitat for a fairly good size school of rainbow trout. I know that, you see, because I’ve fished there — several times, in fact. And without sounding pretentious, I’ve had some pretty good success there. I’ve caught my daily limit of seven trout on many occasions. The reason for my good fortune is because I know what the fish like; I’ve learned what bait is most effective in the creek.
Satan is sort of a fisherman, and he knows what bait is most effective with you and me — he knows what lure will work. Read passages like Genesis 3, Matthew 4 and James 1 (cf. Genesis 39; 1 John 2) and you’ll discover that the Tempter has a “tackle box” full of lures (e.g., illicit sex, alcohol, drugs, food, internet pornography, etc.) that he can flash before us.
But as enticing as Satan’s baits might appear, there’s ALWAYS a hook embedded inside each of them. And if we ever actually take a “bite,” we’ll be hauled up on shore and fried (cf. James 1:14,15).
Think about it.

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