Grace Through Faith

A man was drowning in a river. His situation was hopeless. Another man on shore saw the drowning man. He called out to his two friends to get a boat, two oars, and a rope. The trio rowed out, threw the rope, whereupon the man in the water took hold, hung on, pulled himself into the boat and was then taken back to shore.
Reflecting on the incident, one man observed, “It was the BOAT that saved him, because without it we could have never gotten to him in time.” Another said, “Yes, but it was the OARS that made the difference.” Still the third offered, “In a sense the MAN saved himself, for he took hold of the life-line, held on, got into the boat, and stayed there until we reached shore.” Finally, the man who nearly drowned said, “It was the MAN on shore who saw me and called for help; it was his compassion that saved me.”
Who was right? Was it the boat, the oars, the caring man on shore, or the drowning man himself which made the rescue possible? Actually, all four contributed to the saving of the drowning man.
This parable illustrates our salvation today. It’s a combination of factors. Man’s part (e.g., obedient faith) and God’s part (e.g., unmerited favor/grace).
The Bible says, “For by grace through faith you have been saved…” (Ephesians 2:8,9). Think about it.

3 Replies to “Grace Through Faith”

  1. Very inspiring and fulfilling. Thank you.
    The prayers of a righteous man are answered. We work to be righteous not to be blessed by God, but to offer blessings to our beloved God.

  2. John– Yes, God does all the saving, but man must do his part, or else all men will be saved, for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared unto all men. But, all men will not be saved (Matt. 7:13-27). It is by grace THROUGH faith.

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