Marriage on the rocks

God of faithfulness, so many people’s marriages are power struggles, cat-and-dog fights, the butting of rams’ heads, a constant frustration and embarassment. Many have given up on their vows, either abandoning the relationship officially or by sleeping in different beds or keeping a silent distance.
This is not what you meant it to be, Lord! In marriage you want us to have the best, most intimate human relationship possible. Drive us back to the Word to discover how to hoist the flag of truce, start with new attitudes and habits, surrender selfishness, and serve our mates.
Bond us to our mates, in love and sacrifice, as Christ gave himself for the church. Open our eyes to study our mates, their needs, habits, foibles, strengths. Put words of praise and compliments in our mouths. When criticism would escape our lips, make us bite our tongues. Let our eyes speak love, our touch, tenderness. May our kindnesses far exceed that we would extend a stranger.
May we be anything but strangers to our mates. Because you, in Jesus, are no stranger to us. Amen.

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