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Back a few years ago I went to see good friends in Eastern Europe. The purpose of my visit was to support this Christian family in their missionary endeavors. On more than one occasion I had the opportunity to speak with and teach members of the local congregation there in Bratislava. However, all of my efforts were through the assistance of a Slovak translator since I was unable to speak the local tongue.
Recently a local charismatic preacher told me he would be leaving soon for foreign mission work in South America. His last preparatory work before leaving the states was to secure a translator. I found this interesting. I inquired of the preacher as to why he found it necessary to employ an interpreter since he himself claimed the miraculous gift of tongues. He had no response.
Dear reader, my purpose is not to be unnecessarily injurious, but consider — if miraculous speaking in tongues (i.e., speaking in actual foreign languages — Acts 2:4, 6-11) still exists today, then WHY do foreign missionaries require translators?
Think about it (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

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  1. This comment is in response to Mike Benson’s article entitled “Hire a Translator”. While I do not believe the Bible teaches that miraculous speaking in tongues exists today, I do not readily see the logic in Mr. Benson’s reasoning. Speaking in tongues was a gift from the Holy Spirit, but it was not given to all. Not every one could speak in tongues. And because of this, some missionaries might argue their need for a translator. However, this particular charasmatic preacher would definitely have cause to turn red with embarrassment in that he professed to have such ability. In this, I believed Mr. Benson “hit the nail on the head” so to speak. The only saving grace for this charismatic preacher would be to stipulate his gift of speaking in tongues referred to something OTHER than that of comprehending unknown or foreign languages.

  2. I believe he needed a translator so he could understand what the people were saying, since they don’t know English.

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