It's a lie!

God who cannot lie, the world tells us the carnal lifestyle is fun, with no regrets, no pain, no bad side effects. Pure pleasure, intense enjoyment, immediate gratification, prolonged euforia.
It’s a lie, lie, lie, O Lord! May we see the premature deaths, the consuming diseases, wracked emotions, warped minds, destroyed relationships, wrenching loneliness, the waste of time, money, property, and lives! Above all, help us perceive that transgression keeps us far from you, now and forever.
Father, show us the devilish claws behind the sensual smiles, the idol underneath the pile of money, the fires of hell that follow the path of passion. Help us see temptation for the trap it truly is! Even (or especially) as it comes in its most innocuous form!
We flee, our Father, to your truth that frees! Because we follow him who died as the witness to the truth. Amen.

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