Needed: Godly Men and Women

by Bill Dillon
The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest fortification. It extends over 1500 miles, roughly following the southern border of the Mongolian plain. Its average height is 25 feet; it is wide enough (about 12 feet) for horsemen to ride along its top.
The Great Wall was originally designed to protect from external invasion. Within a few years, however, enemies entered the nation of China no less than three times. There was no damage or destruction of the wall or the gates on any occasion. Each time the enemy merely bribed the guards to gain easy access to whatever they wanted.
Today it is evident that if we have too few godly men to labor in the Lord’s vineyard and offer leadership in all fields of activity, all our hopes and aspirations will elude us. No one needs to sit on the fence of apathy, ill will, pride, or whatever, and just watch the Devil’s minions take over and do as they wish. The church is too precious for that.
The clarion call today is for godly men and women to stand up and be counted; to work at their righteous goals; to bring their Christian influence to bear for good; and to transfer the rhetoric of fair play, integrity, zeal, and love into sound and solid actions that will make a difference as never before — onward the church! There is work for all of us to do. Let us not miss a single opportunity.

One Reply to “Needed: Godly Men and Women”

  1. Needed: Godly Men and Women? It seems strange that this article overlooks our greatest power (e.g. boldly going before our God in prayer). Nothing we do on our own will amount to much if we fail to go to God first and then follow His plan.

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