To know and be known

God of the Word, how little we know of you! Our finite minds, so limited by our senses, are poorly equipped to comprehend you. Or so we think. In every way, you give testimony to yourself, to your existence, to your character, both in this world as we see and experience it and through your acts of revelation, by word and deed.
So much from you for us to know and study! We do not lack evidence, since you provide us reams of content to understand you. You want to be known, so you have spoken and acted. You want to be loved in return, and what a pure and eternal love you have poured out upon us so richly!
Let us think of you, consider you, marvel at you, sing of you. Let your name be constantly on our lips, not in vain, nor vilely, but in truth, as our very life. How little we know, compared to how much we desire to know!
This is our glory, O Lord, to know and understand you, or rather, to be known of you.
Through him who is one with you, Amen.

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