Tired of business as usual

Lord of the universe, the daily grind, the business rush, the push for profits — there’s no end in sight. The slow get shoved aside; the old, retired; the unproductive, let go. Everyone is looking over his shoulder.
We confess, O God, to plans, charts, graphs, predictions, and forecasts that omit the most important factor of all: your sovereignty. We don’t even remember it when it all blows up in our face.
The money race, the power struggles, the frantic materialism have run us over. We’re tired, Lord, of business as usual. We now see the price, and it’s too high to pay. So come in and buy us out. Assume the management of our lives. Retool from top to bottom. Bring in the Expert, because we have royally messed up our lives.
In Him who lived fully, Amen.

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