Leave It to the Devil

I read about a French atheist who died and willed his house and farm to, of all people, the Devil. The courts deliberated on the curious case for quite some time. Finally it was determined that the best way to carry out the wishes of the deceased testator was to allow the farm to grow up in weeds and briars and to leave the house to decay and ruin.
It occurs to me that the same thing can be said about our soul salvation. It’s not necessary to commit some terrible sin, nor to engage in great evil in order to be lost. All we have to do is nothing. “Allow the farm to grow up in weeds and briars and leave the house to decay and ruin.” Dear reader, neglect, indifference, and unconcern will just as surely condemn us in the Judgment as murder, theft, or immorality.
The Bible asks, “How shall we escape (eternal punishment) if we NEGLECT so great a salvation…?” (Hebrews 2:3a). The answer is, “We won’t.”
Think about it.

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