No spiritual express lane

Lord, I hate waiting in lines at banks, stores, and government offices. I want to get my business done and go on to my next task. It seems such a waste of precious time having to stand in line, with little to do, sweating in the tropical heat, while the mind begins a slow simmer and, sometimes, comes to a boil.
I confess, O Lord, to the same impatience in the Kingdom. I want to see people converted now, mature Christians immediately, strong churches in short time. I hear of others who baptize hundreds and thousands, of multiplying churches, of great successes, and want to see the same results here, too.
Or when problems appear, people revile, or money’s tight. I want a quick fix. I’m anxious to get through the problem, resolve the difficulty, rid myself forever of those temptations that seem to constantly dog my steps.
So I wait, Lord. And I realize this waiting … is for you. For you to act, to appear, to resolve, to give the harvest.
I know you will act at the proper time, at the right moment, at the best hour. As much as I may dislike the apparent lack of success, the problems, or the persecutions for the Kingdom’s sake, I trust in your calendar, I know I am not forgotten on your agenda.
Because Golgotha did come, Amen.

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