Lord God eternal, you are supreme over all. In our free will, which you gave us in love, we forget that you have all authority and power. We think we can decide, do, plan, determine, resolve. We are so limited, Lord! I can’t see beyond my nose, tomorrow is a mystery, all the factors just can’t be figured in.
My life is in your hands, the world revolves at your command, you speak and angels fly, the mountains move, the oceans roil, and I fall flat upon my face. Were it not for your eternal love, we would be destroyed. Great and holy is your name, O Lord, there is none other on earth or in the heavens like you!
From the highest heaven you bend down to look upon my needs. You take note of one so small as I; you, the King of kings, marvelous in glory, have lifted me up. We confess your majestic name, your sovereign will, your powerful call to follow after the Son. For in him is given all authority and power, Amen.

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